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Mora Therapy - created by a German Doctor

Mora Therapy, created by Dr. Franz Morell in Germany, is a highly sophisticated but user-friendly machine, combining the principles of Acupuncture, German high-tech know-how and Homeopathy.

The Mora asks your body for the answer by tapping into its energy circuits, and determining a specific measurement of the vitality of organs and systems. Some readings may indicate deficiency; some inflammation, but the bottom line is that every reading is brought to balance by the end of the consultation. This is done through amplification of the patients own healthy energies and inversion of its negative or pathological energy waves, as well as the submission to the body of Homeopathic medications (each tested for compatibility). The therapy is very potent and deep acting, with follow up therapy not usually necessary for quite sometime. After achieving total balance, Homeopathic drops based on the patient’s individualized formula are dispensed (all inclusive in the cost of the initial consultation) to assist the patient in maintaining the improved level of health for themselves.

Finally, any vitamins, minerals, herbs or allopathic medicines the patient regularly takes are tested. This insures that whatever the patient takes is compatible and not actually sabotaging their progress. A sample of their normal drinking water is also tested against the major organs. It’s vital that drinking water supports us, rather than overloading our kidneys and immune system.

The process is a very interactive and interesting one, providing patients with accurate and detailed information about their own bodies. Patients report rapid improvements in their health and feel more able and responsible to manage their own well being. Because of its gentle, painless and non intrusive nature, Mora is also ideal for infants and children.

Conditions responding to Mora Therapy:

  • Headaches, neck and shoulder tension, migraine
  • Immune problems
  • Digestive disorders, e.g. bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, Candida and food allergies/intolerance
  • Respiratory problems, e.g. asthma, bronchitis, sinus, hay fever, colds
  • Skin ailments inc. Eczema, acne, rashes and psoriasis
  • Tiredness, stress, poor concentration & memory, poor sleep, irritability, depression
  • Sciatica, low back ache, joint and muscle pain
  • Endocrine disorders – hormonal transitions, thyroid and adrenal deficiency, menstrual difficulties
  • Urogenital disorders – prostate, bladder and kidney dysfunction

Electromagnetic Oscillation

The Occidental Institute Research Foundation, a Canadian company that markets the MORA and similar devices, states:

MORA-Therapy is an all-encompassing assessment modality utilizing a patient's own "ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillation." The method had its inception in 1977 after development by the German physician Dr. Franz Morell and electronics engineer Mr. Erich Rasche from whose names the name MO-RA originated.

During more than 20 years of research, carried out by well known scientists in Germany and abroad, it was found that each individual possesses a unique spectrum of ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations which can be electronically sensed, processed and then utilized as therapy.

Today, it is known that the chemical processes in the bodies of humans and animals are controlled by the "information" carried by and within these oscillations. Furthermore, organs and cell types possess characteristic oscillation spectrums which are at the same time unique to each individual. The electromagnetic oscillations referred to in MORA-Therapy may be compared to (but are different from and much finer than) the cardiac impulses detected by an electrocardiogram (ECG) or brain "waves" as measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG). [5]

No needles acupuncture

The Mora machine diagnoses and treats the body with the Homeopathic remedies your body needs.

"Let your body diagnose and heal itself using electromagnetic energy", Sue Short (Magazine).

No guess work - instant results.

Phone: (07) 5474 8244

Monday to Saturday, 9am – 5pm

Suite 9, (upstairs) Noosa Fair, Lanayana Way,

Noosa Heads, 4567

PO Box 1910, Noosa Heads, 4567

Queensland, Australia


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